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Friday Chic Gin

Friday Chic Gin

Friday Chic Gin is a Portuguese gin composed with juniper, cardomomom, rose petals, orange blossom, tropical fruit infusion and Berry vine leaf.

Friday's smoothness is noticeable from the nose. The usual hint of juniper is almost indelible, and it is the sweeter, yet hard to identify notes that dominate the bouquet of aromas.

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Alcohol content 40.0%.
Flavors : warm with fragrant notes of ripe fruit, citrus, and floral touches.
Palate : soft, with floral and some vegetal notes showing a lot of complexity and balance.

The alcohol content is less offensive than in a regular gin. The sensation of alcohol, even at the first breath is perfectly manageable and invites you to inhale a bit more of the aromas. It is here that we first encounter the pronounced cardamom notes which alone justify Friday's slightly sweet bouquet. But there is more to this "sweet" than just cardamom.

Care Instructions

The bottles should be stored in a cool, dark place.
Perfect serving:
Serve over ice and in cocktails.

Shipping and Returns

Pick up at the showroom in Hernandarias or shipping by carrier within Paraguay.
Returns not accepted.

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